Hello founder,

We're your answer to

community + accountability + coaching

while building your impactful business

The Goal Action

Accountability Group

A 6-month programme for

entrepreneurs to build and

grow their business with tailored support and guidance every

step of the way.

Whether you're working for yourself right now or working towards it, we help you

reach your next business goal.

Our blend of business building tools and self-growth training will help you make

meaningful progress, both personally and professionally.

Don't doubt if




Studies prove that chances of completing a goal are 95% if you attend accountability meetings

Make it work for you!


"Each day I am showing up for myself and making it less about other people as it is getting me closer to where I want to be."


"The group has had such a great impact on my life and really made freelancing so much easier than before. I know what I'm doing and I know where I'm going"


"This group has changed my life.

I have a clearer sense of my purpose, direction and clarity."

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Deep inside, you feel the

flame of greatness

However, there are moments when it seems like a tiny spark, dampened by the rain of fear, overwhelm, and uncertainty, making it difficult to take action.

We get you back on track to become the best version of yourself

And these are the results you will see...


A simple plan to

build your business


Gain a support system

of like-minded entreprenurs


Stop feeling stuck

and overwhelmed


A new daily routine

of positive habits


Develop mental strength and

emotional intelligence



limiting beliefs


"I knew this would impact my progress for the better and I was right. For me the group became built in to my life, like the gym and my job."


"Since joining I have a clear goal and when diverting or doubting I just remind myself of my future self."


"I am grounded, I have a clear objective. Is easy to wake up in the morning when you know why."

We have a place for you if...

"I just have an idea"

"I want to keep my job and side hustle"

"I'm already a founder"

"I want to refresh my business"

"I'm ready to

quit my job"

"I want to freelance/consult"

Regardless of where you currently stand in your entrepreneurial journey,

our program is designed to assist you to ONLY take ESSENTIAL

actions to move to YOUR next level.

We know your path is unique!

We've got you covered

Goals our members have achieved:

Quotation Mark

I have created a business, I'm charging clients and I'm becoming a consultant. What was once a dream is now a finger tip away.

Quotation Mark

I’ve been able to launch my first coaching program made over €5000 in the first month.

Quotation Mark

I have created a SubStack to build a portfolio to show editors for freelance writing jobs.

Quotation Mark

I am generating photography collaborations


Quotation Mark

I've been booked

for my first hosting job. So excited and can't quite believe it.

Quotation Mark

The group pushed me so hard to get my article featured in Essence magazine.

Our approach to business,

focuses on YOU, the founder!

Everything your membership includes:



video course


x6 1:1 coaching



x12 bi-monthly

group calls


x6 monthly guest



Detailed 30+

page workbook


Engaged private members only space


Daily 'Early Riser Club'

6am calls


Supportive network

of entrepreneurs


Bonus learning programmes


Dior Bediako

HEY founder

(or soon to be)

I'm just like you!

I’m a woman on the same mission that you’re on - Assembling my dream life action-by-action!

The videos, tasks and sessions are all based on expert principles that I have picked apart, personally used and gained results from.

I’ll deliver it to you with no fluff! I don’t plan on wasting a second of your time with work that doesn’t work.


"The ball is in motion! Dior keeps me in check and supports my wins along the way."


"Since being a member I have written more than I have since leaving university, I have a new home and new job."


"I have gained so much valuable and practical knowledge. Before the group I couldn't imagine myself waking up at 6am and now up at 5am. This is huge for me."

This is for you

if you think...

"It's time to choose ME."

"I want time freedom and financial freedom."

"I've been holding myself back for too long."

"In one year I want to say

'I DID IT!'"

"I want my life to have more meaningful. I need a new chapter."

"I want to use my skills

to the best of my ability."

Frequently asked


How long is the group for? What's the schedule?

Membership is for 6 months minimum.

All sessions take place on Mondays (bi-monthly) and Wednesdays (once a month) evenings at 7pm (UK time).

When do applications close?

Applications are currently closed and will open again in January 2024.

What happens after 6 months?

After your initial 6 month term, you can choose to keep your membership rolling. The monthly cost will drop to £199 per month and you still receive the full member benefits.

I'm okay!

I know what I need to do. I don’t think I need

actually need group accountability.

It’s proven that a social pressure environment increases results by 95%. Also, on any goal action process, everyone will incur obstacles such a lack of motivation, project plateau or overlooked blind spots. Through the lessons I teach and regular contact you'll have a higher chance of a smoother journey to your goals.

How do I book my coaching sessions?

Calendar dates will be opened monthly to book a session at your most convenient time

Do I have to be based in the UK?

Members have lived in England, Germany, The Netherlands, France, America and more.

Our meetings take place on a Monday or Wednesday at 7pm (GMT) .

More questions?

Email contact@pepperyourtalk.co.uk

Become the business owner you dream of


Become the business owner you dream of


  • The one who: No longer allows doubt or procrastination to hold her back

  • The one who: Uses the hours in the day productively doing meaningful work

  • The one who: Is consistent and bets on herself

  • The one who: Is moving in her purpose and using her unique gifts


You are the only one who can build your business